The BodyMedia Fit Armband

One device that single-handedly takes all of the guesswork out of weightloss, exercise and diet.

The BodyMedia Fit armband, although technically complex, is very simple to use. By wearing this armband 24 hours a day, it records a number of your vital statistics including – body temperature, movement, perspiration and sleep quality to provide you with an extremely accurate monitor of you daily caloric requirement.

What does this mean? Instead of using a generic formula to calculate how many calories you burn each day, this monitor will tell you the exact amount! When used in conjunction with their online software (for PC, Mac, iPhone or Android phones) you are able to enter the food you consume during the same period you wear the armband. You then get a scientific snapshot of your current weight loss or gain and it highlights the areas you can change to bring your current behavior into line with your goals.

If you would like to utilize this amaxing piece of technology, I have a monitor and login ready to go for a 7 day loan free of charge for any of my current group or one-on-one clients.

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