Understanding Weight Loss – A Numbers Game…

The diagram above demonstrates an unbreakable natural law of energy in/energy out (for a client with a daily caloric requirement of 2500cal). By manipulating the green and blue elements of the diagram with changes to your diet and levels of physical activity, the red section will change accordingly.

  • A negative figure will result in weight loss
  • A positive figure will result in weight gain
  • A zero will result in weight maintenance

So how many calories should I aim to consume each day? Every kilogram of body fat contains 7000 calories, so, to lose 1Kg of body fat in 2 weeks you will need to create a deficit of 500 calories per day while following these 3 rules –

  1. You must consume a minimum of 1200 cal per day for women and 1800 per day for men.
  2. You must feed your body a balanced diet with plenty of protein, fish, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats.
  3. You must create the deficit by increasing your physical activity as well as reducing your caloric intake

So there you go… the formula for weight! The difficulty lies in its application in everyday life. To assist, systems to monitor both your level of caloric expenditure and also your caloric intake and therefore maintaining a deficit in line with your goal of weight loss can be found here –


*I have no affiliation with myfitnesspal but have found it to be a user friendly, well designed, free resource that can be a very powerful tool in achieving successful weightloss. If you have any feedback regarding your experience with this software, please let me know