Featured Recipes – David Thompson’s Thai Food

If you are interested in making Thai food from scratch at home, check out David Thompson’s book simply titled Thai Food (It is available at Stanton, Lane Cove and Mosman library and is viewed among foodies as the bible for Thai cuisine). Many of the recipes are surprisingly simple to master and allow you to adjust the dish to suit your own tastes or the needs of your family. If you enjoy Thai takeaway, why not try knocking up a little Thai feast of your own at home! It’s much easier than you think and the authentic, yet subtle additions to the recipes (such as jasmine flowers and pandanus leaves in the sticky rice) make for an experience that beats your local takeaway any day of the week.

Puccetta and I have been making three of our favorite Thai dishes recently, Fish cakes, Pad Thai and Coconut sticky rice with mango. Follow the links to view the recipes online. (Ingredients such as palm sugar, tamarind paste, fish sauce or pandanus leaves are readily available at most supermarkets and Asian grocers)