6 Tips for Better Sleep

Image of a Bed

The effects of poor sleep are far reaching, from grumpiness, lack of motivation and focus, poor productivity, increased hunger, altered blood pressure, higher diabetic risk and impaired immune function to name a few. Therefore getting a good nights rest should be high on the list of everyone, especially those who are dealing with weight related health issues.

6 tips for better sleep

  • Black out – your bedroom needs to be as dark as possible, this means curtains, blinds and all sources of artificial light are turned off or blocked out.
  • Lose the power – Any electronic items or devices on standby are to be switched off at night. Phones are either off or on Airplane mode. Don’t watch TV inside an hour before bed.
  • Dinner time – Dinner time needs to take place at least a few hours before bed. Eating too close to bedtime will interrupt your sleep pattern
  • Don’t think – Put all the ideas in your head to rest by writing down everything that is occupying your mind on a pad before bedtime.
  • Be Prepared – Anything that needs to be done urgently for the following day needs to be done the night before if possible. Pack the car, iron your shirt, do your homework before you go to bed.
  • Ritual – have a nightly ritual that you stick to night after night. Give your body the cues that sleep is coming and it will start to get ready for sleep subconsciously. For example – having a cup of herbal tea, washing your hands and face, changing into pyjamas or reading a book in bed.