High Intensity Interval (H.I.I.T) Training

Sprinter leaving  on the running track.

I’ve had a handful of questions about Tabata intervals and H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) lately some of which were prompted by last years Catalyst story –


It’s fast becoming a commonly used exercise protocol due to its effectiveness and time efficiency amongst many other compelling health benefits. As such, I have compiled a HIIT program for all of you right here –


It’s tough and you will need to be extremely disciplined to push yourself hard enough to get the desired effect. When you perform your set of burpees, you should be aiming to execute as many reps as physically possible in the 30 second work phase. When it comes to the next sets, you should be aiming to match that rep range for all 3 subsequent work phases.

Burpee form. Target muscles are marked in red.
Burpee technique. Target muscles are marked in red.

Your total high intensity workload is merely 4 minutes and the workout will take you 25 minutes including your warm-up and rest phases. You can perform this session on your own twice per week at a level that I have supervised during one of our sessions. Some specific modifications may need to be made for each client. The choice of a burpee and sprint is based on maximising muscular engagement, accessibility, simplicity while being quantitative.

Any questions? Contact me and ask away!