Movember 6!

Gold coin donations welcome

UPDATE – 6/12/2016

Thankyou to all that donated! I have surpassed my goal of $200 and have now raised $700. Amazing!! A big big thanks to everyone that chipped in.

Shaving Accessories

Hi All!

Every November since Ella was born I have grown in a moustache to raise funds for the Movember foundation and this year is no different! Some of you have been around for all 6 of those mo’s and many will be seeing it for the first time (apologies in advance!) Ironically it’s also the month I shave the most as I need to work hard to keep the small french detective style mo I’ve been blessed with as prominent as possible.

I have raised $2197 since 2010 for the men’s charities and initiatives the Movember foundation support and hope to add a healthy $200 to that total by the end of this month with a little help.

My donation link is

I won’t be pestering anyone for donations throughout the month, just one email on the 20th and I insist that it is merely a gold coin donation which you can do online or give to me in person. I will have a money box in my kit until month end for that purpose.

Thanks for all your generous contributions over the last 6 years!!!