Personal Training Mosman and Balmoral Beach

Edwards Beach
My daughter at Edwards Beach, Balmoral

Arguably the most beautiful beach in Sydney, Edwards Beach (located at the northern end of Balmoral Beach), holds a place very close to my heart. Just about every wonderful memory I have as a child growing up in Mosman has something to do with Balmoral Beach! I learned to swim at the Balmoral Baths, sailed Mirror dinghy’s in Middle Harbour out of Balmoral Sailing Club from the age of 5 all the way up until adulthood, joined First Balmoral Cubs and then Sea Scouts and attending both primary and secondary school up in Mosman. I have attended the weddings of both my sisters. I have snorkeled, swam, run, trained, spearfished, fly-fished and spent 100s of hours building sandcastles and exploring the rockpools with my nieces, nephews and daughters all at this marvelous beach! (Reading that back, I think my opinion might be a little skewed)

Mosman and Balmoral is the kind of place people all around the world travel days to experience – and we have it right on our doorstep. If you haven’t tried training outdoors and you live in Mosman, Balmoral will be the experience you compare it to for the rest of your life – don’t spend another minute on a treadmill!

I run groups and private sessions all over Mosman and down at Balmoral. We train down on the sand, up at Mosman oval, up Raglan, Awaba and Mandalong Roads, and out on my kayaks in Middle Harbour, exploring the bays around Mosman and cruising down to the spit and back.

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